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Lawyer and Founder/host of The Closing Argument

Kim is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas. She won her first trial during her first year as a lawyer, landing a quarter of a million dollar victory against a Fortune 500 company.

This boss lady has always been an avid consumer of the news and loves the art of storytelling. She spends her spare time playing basketball, learning to play the piano, and listening to NPR podcasts.



Vice President, Pivot Marketing Agency

Becky has 10 years of sports sponsorship and marketing execution experience. She most recently joined the growing team at PIVOT Marketing Agency as their Vice President of Brands and Marketing in San Francisco. Her super powers include (more may be discovered over time) athlete endorsements, influencer marketing, talent identification, sponsorship asset strategy, campaign ideation and creative execution. 


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CEO, Founder of DOPE Inc.

Chaquanzha Stephenson is a community activist and an advocate for the youth whom originates from Stamford, Connecticut. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual degree in Political Science and Justice Studies in 2013 and she birthed DOPE Inc. in 2014.

DOPE Inc. is a youth advocacy and empowerment group that travels to educate, empower and mentor youth globally.

Ingrid Quiroz_Main (1).jpg

Ingrid Quiroz

Account Manager, APC Collective and Blogger at

Ingrid is a connector, creator, and a doer girl. She is born and raised it Texas, although her journey has allowed me to live in some of best U.S. cities: Austin, San Francisco and New York City. Growing up, she wanted to be a culinary chef and owner of a dance studio and well...that probably explains her love for food and dance. During college, I found my calling to connect people, maintain strong relationships and create brands on social media.


Tiffany Hardin

Founder Gild Creative Group and She Knows Now.

Tiffany is the founder of strategic consulting firm, Gild Creative Group (GCG). Her company services mid-level to large agencies, brands and organizations providing strategic consulting services such as influencer outreach and activation, talent partnerships and sponsorships, social strategy and analytics.She is also the founder of She Knows Now, a digital collection of insight from women who share what they each know for sure to promote positive images of women in the media. 


Jasmine Middleton

Founder of BFYTBODY

Jasmine knew the only way to get that passion back would be to become her own boss, something that she always dreamed as a young girl.  November of 2016 Jasmine decided to no longer let fear paralyze her, and quit her job without a safety net.  Her love of fitness inspired her to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and to also start her own fitness brand BFYTBODY.