I launched #TheBisForBoss over a week ago and one of the biggest lessons I have learned thus far is: 

When you invest in yourself, people will invest you. 

I've always known that if I wanted to invest in something with a small risk and big return, I needed to invest in myself. However, what I didn't realize was that when I invested in myself, it could in turn lead others to do the same. When I say invest, I don't mean in the traditional sense of money. People can invest time, their knowledge, skills, advice, their network, etc. most of which are all equally-- if not more valuable than money alone could ever have on your brand or business. Especially in the beginning!

I know you're probably thinking, how is it possible that those things are more valuable than money when it comes to business? Let me tell you...

I had dreamed about launching #TheBisForBoss for over a year. But work, life, traveling, etc. got in the way. When I look back, those were all excuses and deep down I let my fear of failure delay me. However, it was people's words of support and encouragement that pushed me to continue to believe in this idea, when my own subconscious was telling me I couldn't do it. 

In addition to support and encouragement, I've had so many friends invest their time and their network to ensure this was a success. From my friend and mentee Ryan who spent countless days, nights, weekends, ideating and creating with me to help bring this beautiful site to fruition from a Pinterest board.

To Melissa who birthed the idea of me even having a launch video, then took it a step further and introduced me to her fellow videographer friend Milton. They both worked with me  to concept, shoot, and edit the video. Then I can't forget all of my lovely "models" who showed up on a Saturday morning (after I was running an hour late) to help me. Jasmine and Q drove from Connecticut, Tasia from Brooklyn, and Kristin showed up within 24 hours of moving to NYC. Can't forget my A.P. who stayed up the night before to copyedit my blog. Every single person along the way could have opted to focus on themselves and their day-to-day, but instead they chose to invest in me and my blog and for that I am forever grateful.

Then to the special individual who gifted me a camera so I can continue to bring you guys visual content, I can't thank you enough. I have a Sony Cybershot that I have been using and will continue to use. However, I am so excited to learn new skills on a DSLR. Any photographers who want to invest in me learning this skillset...you know where to find me. (You see what I did there?)

Finally, all of the lovely ladies who have allowed me to interview them and feature them as apart of the Boss Tribe. Thanks for letting me share your story and spotlight real women that are doing REAL BOSSY THINGS!

The response to #TheBisForBoss has far exceeded anything that I could have imagined. My launch video alone has over 3,600 views on TheBisForBoss Facebook page. Go like it now if you haven't already! Also check us out on Instagram: @TheBisForBoss. When I add in the views from Instagram, friends who reposted on their respective channels, it's at almost 5,000 view in 8 days. If you haven't seen it -- check it out below on YouTube. 

In addition to people investing their time to watch the video, I have had people including: family, old coworkers, elementary school teachers, my high school basketball coach, to elementary and middle school friends, many of which I have not seen in over a decade reach out via comments, DM's, and private messages, congratulating me, encouraging me, asking to be featured, and wanting to find out more, it's been truly amazing. I'm ecstatic at the response, and can't wait to reach more women and help them.

#TheBisForBoss is my investment

in myself -- and you.

After seeing so many of my friends and mentees sell themselves short in their careers, or feel lost on next steps, I wanted to create a blog and community that not only gives women  the tools necessary to take the next step in their career, but to also build their brand.

My primary mission is to empower you (the alpha female), to redefine the “B” word and assist you to build your dreams – on your terms.

Make the investment in yourself, use these tools, resources, inspiration and one-on-one trainings to enhance your life, career and brand. Only you can hold you back! If you take the leap and invest in yourself, others will invest in you too