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Fashion and Fitness Influencer @missasiamilia who runs  @curves.n.cardio,  while also writing for InStyle and FashionBombDaily penned a blog for the B is for Boss Squad to prepare for our Baddies & Bosses Retreat in Tulum, Mexico. We're just 16 days away from our all-inclusive baddie boss experience, complete with networking mixers, group and panel discussions, excursions, and relaxation. If you missed out on RSVPing this year for our retreat, then head on over to www.baddiesandbosses.com to get added to the list for next year!  Whether you're attending the retreat or planning your own trip this summer, the tips below are sure to have you ready to SLAY the gram in time for your next vacation. 

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The countdown is officially on! Who’s ready for the Baddies & Bosses to hit Tulum? I know I am. We’re days away from slaying an island and creating new sisterhoods amongst a handful of bosses, who are obviously baddies. I am so elated to be apart of such an amazing group of women as the official influencer on the scene covering all the major moments that will go down (because we already know they will)!

 While I’ve partied it up in Cancun three too many times, I’ve never stayed in Tulum. But, we’re in for a treat and the team is bringing the heat— from the exhilarating views of white sand beaches to the loads of tequila we’ll be drinking (and there will be plenty), this trip will be a memorable one had by all.

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You all know pictures create the perfect memories and who doesn’t want to be flooding their Instagram feeds with straight heat?! Sorry Drake, we’re not “posting pictures for people at home,” we’re showing off for our own damn self! In preparation for shutting the ‘Gram down you know the fits have to be on point right?! Here’s my top 5 fashion tips for when traveling to the official Baddies & Bosses Retreat in Tulum.

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1. Don’t over pack

It’s easier said than done, I get it. But, the reality is you pack 50,000 looks and realistically how many do you really end up wearing? Save some money and carry a carry-on and roll your looks in to save some space. If you have a bomb hat or purse that you want to pack wear it on your flight so you have more space to pack essentials. Speaking of purses—

2. Have one everyday bag

It is absolutely possible to have your beach bag, night bag, and brunch bag be one for vacation. Straw bags are on trend, but if you’re into trying something different try your hand at a more playful straw bag with colors, one that differs from the purse that everyone carries. ASOS has a cute one here.

 3. Pack a few layers

Luckily temperatures will be scorching hot while we’re in Tulum, but don’t get it twisted— the temperature drops significantly on islands for some reason. I’m not saying to pack a hoodie and sweat pants, but definitely pack a maxi dress or 2 and a look with some sleeves, don’t get sick trying to be cute! Also, the airplane is always freezing cold—throw on your cutest leggings to ensure you stay comfortable in-flight.

4. Read the itinerary and prepare your looks now

You didn’t think we weren’t going to be in formation right?! The retreat team worked tirelessly to create a thorough itinerary for the weekend. From Thursday’s flirty PJ’s to Friday’s color coded brunch and Saturday’s hot yellow swimsuits, every event requires a certain attire. Don’t wait until a few days before jet setting to place your order. Place it now so you don’t have to stalk to UPS man. FYI— stalk sales! Zara & ASOS are my go-to’s and they’re both having major sales right now. While you’re at it, be sure to check out for your swim threads priced at $25 and under, issa steal!

 5. Don’t let your clothes be your focus

Yes, we all want to be snapping it up for the ‘Gram, but don’t get so consumed in content that you forget to fulfill your true purpose of being at this retreat. Don’t leave with a bomb Instagram feed, but not a new motivated spirit to keep pushing towards your goals. That doesn’t add up sis! Arrive with the intention of a perfect balance.

Overall your clothes are only a portion of what matters on this trip. Whether you’re a beach boss babe or an edgy baddie, we’re going to manifest straight excellence on this 4 day weekend in paradise. So get ready to have a life changing weekend— understand that you will be returning home better than you left. We will celebrate current and future success and slay while we’re at it.

See you ladies soon! And, for those who won’t be at the retreat, these tips can help you for any luxurious getaway or even a weekend get away with your squad. Bon voyage, boss babe!


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It's been a minute since we had the Conquer Your Year Webinar Part 1 & 2, and I wanted to  check-in and see how my tribe was doing on their goals. I hope you're still using your Conquer Your Year ebook to keep you on track.If you still haven't purchased the Conquer Your Year Ebook, it's not too late. Purchase it here. I promise it will change the way you set and accomplish your goals. 

Since we are 40 days into the new year, now is the time you should be doing a check-in to make sure you are on par for your Q1 goals. 

I know for me personally, January kicked my a**. I hit a lot of goals, but I missed a lot too. Between coming off of the holidays, hosting my first event, planning a second event, on-boarding a new person to help me out with @TheBisForBoss and Super Bowl with 13 clients for my 9-5 (read 9-8), I had a busy month. Unfortunately, I didn't get to dedicate as much time to several of the goals I sought out to do outside of my job.  

However, the beautiful thing about goals, is that you don't have to throw the whole goal away. Sometimes you just need to adjust the timeline.

Last weekend I made a choice, I sat down and did a progress report to recalibrate and see where I hit my goals and where I fell short last month. It was a humbling exercise but very necessary. I was reignited with some of that new year excitement I had just 4 weeks ago to crush my goals. 

Comment below and let me know how you have been doing on your goals? What were your BIG wins in January? What's been challenging these first 40 days into the new year? Accountability? Feeling Uninspired? Time Management? I want to hear from you.

Also, if you have any questions you would like to ask me live, I'm bringing back Tea With My B's and I've revamped it and I am adding in a IG Live element to make it more interactive. Join me each and every Thursday at 8:30pm EST.




Each and every Thursday, we host "Tea with my B's" where the #BossTribe can submit questions all week long and on Thursdays, we will answer your burning career, branding, and business questions. Remember to submit your questions here each week to have them answered!  Enjoy.

I need some advice on how to communicate with my boss/make my case for a promotion. I know this is something you have done or are extremely familiar with and I am looking for tips and advice ahead of a meeting I have with my boss this Wednesday.

Every company I have worked for has a self-review process where I had to the opportunity to put into writing all of the things I had achieved in the past year, along with how I was tracking towards goals I set the previous review cycle. Whether your company has a self-review process or an in-person process where you will have to make your case in person to your boss, I recommend doing the following:

1) Print out your current job description and the job description for the role you want to get promoted to and have examples ready of how you are doing your current job well as well as you are already doing work for the next role.

The shitty thing about Corporate America is that the expectation is that you are doing your job well and are already "playing up"and doing the next job well too. So it's important to make it plain that why you are wanting a promotion; truth is you probably have already been doing the work of the next level. Therefore, I would be sure to spell this out to your boss in your review. For example, when I was looking to get promoted, I made sure my manager was aware of all the work I was doing well but also the work I was doing that was technically above my job title i.e., mentioning something like " Over the past year, I have managed a budget of $XX amount of dollars. This is a responsibility that is typically handled by an Account Director, however I have successfully been able to take on this task as an Account Supervisor.

2) Keep track of all of your verbal/written compliments and kudos to reference in your review. 

Year round I keep a folder in my outlook inbox titled "Girl Boss". Every time that I get a compliment from a client, colleague, manager etc. I save it to this folder. During review times I always go to this folder and sprinkle them throughout my self review. So for example, if Communication/Relationship Management is one of my areas I sat out as a goal I wanted to improve in, I would write something like "This past year, I have been able to improve my communication and relationship management skills by fostering relationships with this new client. This client even mentioned that "Thanks for the quick response Sade. Your ability to solve problems for my brand is greatly appreciated" -Client exec.

**Pro Tip: This folder is also something good to keep on days you are having a bad day. When I feel off my game or if a client just read me my rights, I would go visit this folder and  read over the past year all of the compliments, kudos, etc. I had received and remember that I was capable and culpable and everyone else is just annoying that day. Obviously it's a little difficult to reference this if you haven't been doing this since day one, but i'd go back through your emails as recent as you can and make a note to do this moving forward. 

3) Tell your boss you want to be promoted. 

It sounds simple; but the mistake people often make is that they don't  just say it. Similar to dating, if you don't tell a guy that you are ready for a relationship or are looking for one, you just going to get stuck in some long, drawn out situationship. I always set the expectation with my boss year round that my goal is to do my best work for our clients but also grow my career. In my bi-weekly 1-1's with my manager, I always make a point at least once every two months to drop a line about "What can I be doing more to deliver at the next level, as that is a goal for me, to take the next step in my career to be a [insert title]." Other times, I'm less direct and I will schedule one-on-ones with different people at work that I don't report to but are at the next level or two levels up and purposely ask them questions about the role I want to be in. Then when I talk to my manger, I'd drop hints like "I met with V.P Joe Schmo., who gave me some interesting insight about how at an A.D. level I should be able to do XYZ. I've been working on that and wanted to get your thoughts as I want to ensure I'm making progress so I'm ready for that role when the time comes". Again because this is more of a year round expectation, if you haven't been throwing hints I would say for your upcoming meeting - go all in on #1 and #2.

What are the keys to negotiating salary, and getting it for a new job?

This is a tough one, as it varies based on what level you're at, how much experience you have, and how hard of a worker you are. Something I encourage anyone that I work with, is that before you go into salary negotiations for a new job, looking for a 10-15% increase... make sure you are worth it. I know we all want to make more money, however I can't tell you the number of times people have come to me and tell me they want to make more money. But then when I ask them, what have they done to deserve an increase... they can't name three things they have achieved in their current role. If you can't convince a stranger, who has no idea of your day-to-day that you are worthy of a higher salary, chances are you won't be able to, to a new employer who will know the ins and outs of your role. That aside, here are my top level tips:

Know your value, do some research! Glassdoor is your friend. The first step in negotiating a salary is to make sure you are being paid market value. If you’re going to get the pay you deserve, it’s crucial to know the going rate for your position in your specific industry and in your geographic location.

Talk to Recruiters Another way to do some research? Pick up those calls from recruiters. They know what people with your experience and expertise are worth, so use it to your advantage! The next time one reaches out to you, engage in a conversation about the position’s responsibilities and pay. You may not get a specific number, but even a range is helpful.

Pick the Top of the Range As you’re doing your research, you’ll likely come up with a range that represents your market value. It can be tempting to ask for something in the middle of the range, but instead you should ask for something toward the top. First of all, you should assume you’re entitled to top pay, says She Negotiates founder Victoria Pynchon.

Know the (Exact) Number. According to researchers at Columbia Business School, you should ask for a very specific number—say, $64,750 rather than $65,000. Turns out, when employees use a more precise number in their initial negotiation request, they are more likely to get a final offer closer to what they were hoping for. This is because the employer will assume you’ve done more extensive research into your market value to reach that specific number.

Be Willing to Walk Away When considering your numbers, you should also come up with a “walk away point”—a final offer that’s so low that you have to turn it down. This could be based on financial need, market value, or simply what you need to feel good about the salary you’re bringing home.

How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

In all honesty I really don't have the best work/life balance. In fact, I'm currently up writing this post at 1 in the a.m. However, I will say my work/life balance most definitely comes in ebbs and flows. There are some months where I am operating like a well oiled machine and  I hit a stride where I have the perfect work/life balance. However, there are other months (more often than not) where I feel like I'm constantly under water or in a hamster wheel doing endless circles. 

However, I will say this. On the months when I am achieving a good work/life balance, I will say that I am getting 7-8 hours of sleep, exercising, and only allowing myself to check work emails once in the evening. Another tip, is don't wake up checking your email. When you wake up, take a shower, brush your teeth, listen to some music, cook some breakfast, anything.

If you're like most people, you wake up to an alarm ringing on your smartphone. Then you probably roll over and check your work email. Research shows that if you wake up and read your email, that's a dangerous way to start the day, Reading just one negative email could lead you to report having a bad day hours later, says Michelle Gielan, former national CBS News anchor turned psychology researcher and best-selling author. The same goes with reading stressful or negative news, according to a study Gielan conducted with Arianna Huffington and her husband, happiness researcher and author Shawn Achor.

My advice...make sure you take the time to ease into your day as well as ease out. This transition helps you decompress so you're either ready to take on the day or leave the previous day behind you.





In our first edition of "Tea with my B's" we wanted to take the opportunity to answer your burning career, branding, and business questions. Remember to submit your questions each week to have them answered!  Enjoy #BossTribe. 

Q: What are your tips on transitioning to a new job?

Great question!  I received this question a lot after my latest post about how leaving your dream job is never easy.  If you haven't read it, you should. It talks in great length about that struggle with leaving a job, and moving on from old dreams to pursue new ones. However, now that the leaving part is behind me, the next step is transitioning into my new role. 

Obviously when transitioning to a new job, you have to give yourself about a 90 day learning curve, I'd double that if this is your first job out of college. However, whether you are a new grad or a seasoned professional, there are five things that I always look to do at any new job I have started. 

  1. Be punctual. -- pretty self explanatory, but timeliness to meetings and the work day shows your new boss and colleagues that you respect their time and are excited to contribute.
  2. Ask lots of questions -- People often don't do this for fear of feeling dumb. However, this is the time now more than ever to ask those questions without any judgement.
  3. Learn the organization and the resources at your disposal. -- Every job comes with it's own set of rules, politics, and resources. Focus on the ins and outs of your new org. This includes learning your around the office, to learning who are your allies, and where the printers are and what groups/internal teams they may have that can either provide you with a mentor or simply a small group of colleagues to meet with outside of your everyday team.  
  4. Build relationships with your colleagues (on your team and around the company) -- This latter back up to the point I was making above. It's good to establish trust and build relationships in the first 3-6 months on a job. This will set the tone of the rest of your time at that company. 
  5. Develop a strong working relationship with your manager --  By establishing goals in your first week, and check-in on them at 30, 60, and 90 days. With each one having a different goal. The meeting in your first week should be to discuss your roles and responsibilities and their expectations for you. The latter meetings should discuss everything from areas of development, challenges you are facing, to preferred working styles for optimal performance.

I'm putting this on my calendar to address in a full length blog, but these are my top four tips.

Q: What books are you currently reading?

I try to read one book every month, but life happens and sometimes I get behind. I actually have about 50 pages left in this book I'm reading, but I plan to finish it up this weekend so I'm not too far behind. The book I'm currently reading was recommended by my old roommate and it's called "Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After"! Now I am in no way trying to quit my day job, however I am starting my own business and trying to live Happily Ever After. I personally prefer the employedpreneur life, but this book was the swift kick in the @$$ that I needed to finish the year of strong. Without giving too much away, this book, is a very cool inspirational book on going after what you want in work, life and love. It's a quick read that offers a refreshing perspective on taking the leap to follow your passions in life. Recommend this to anyone considering disrupting their life.

The second book that I'm reading (well really working through) is The Profit Planner by my coach Emmelie De La Cruz! If you're not following her, you should be! She's the self described version of Cardi B, if she went to College. It's full of in your face guidance about how to turn your business into a profitable business venture. This coupled with Do Cool Sh*t has really been helping me focus on my goals and help make sure I'm setting myself up for success in 2018. 


Q: How does one network meaningfully and genuinely?

Networking is one of the most valuable tools you can have to boost your career and business. However, so many do it wrong, and end up wasting their time and the person's time they are trying to network with. I follow four basic principles to make the most of my networking. 

  1. Approach networking like you would a friendship/relationship
  2. Respect the other person's time as you’d like them to respect yours
  3. Focus on networking opportunities that will add value to your life -- don't go to networking events for the sake of going. I did this a lot early on in my career, handing out my business card to anyone who would take it. That got me nowhere. It wasn't until I started going to people WITHOUT an end goal, persay that I was free to make deeper connections without feeling like a salesman. Which brings me to my last point. 
  4. Be well-rounded. don't only be a giver and don't only be a taker. Like any relationship, the best approach to networking is to both offer and accept help. View it like you would a friendship; both parties benefit most when there is a balance of give and take.

That's all #BOSSTRIBE. Send us in more questions next week. Don't forget to submit here.


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