When you want to reach places you have never been, you have to be willing to do things you have never done. At the beginning of 2017 I created a vision board and I had all my goals written out and I was ready to crush the new year. In their true fashion, internet trolls came (like they do every year around this time) with memes, talking crap about how they think vision board parties are pointless and how they don't need a new year, new me mantra.... because blah blah blah. And that's fine, for them. I've never been one to shy away from proclaiming "New Year, New Me", because every year in my twenties, life has gotten better and better since I started being intentional with my goals.

If New Year's resolutions or Vision Boards aren't your thing, that's fine. However, I don't see the point in being negative or talking down about people who are committing to be a better version of themselves in the new year. Yes, more often than not, people drop the ball -- but I admire anyone who has the guts to try and change their life. For those people, I want to help hold you accountable, so a year from now, when the internet trolls and bitter bettys are whining again, you can look back at all the progress you have made -- and know you truly proved them wrong. 

"There is something refreshing about pressing reset on your life and refocusing on the new year." - Me

I love a fresh start! So I've always been the type to set New Year's Resolutions and because of the planning system I use, I've been able to see most of my goals through. Emphasis on most. The ones that I didn't reach, I adjusted the timeline --and I'm perfectly fine with that.  I would choose that outcome any day over waking up on New Year's Day pretending like I'm not about to set that year on fire. My only  hope is that I can encourage you to do the same.

Here's four ways I was able to reach my goals in 2017 -- and you can too in 2018.

Turn those "CAN'Ts" into "CANS" and DREAMS into PLANS.

Two years ago in 2016 I hit a lot of goals, but I missed a few too by making excuses. The biggest mistake I made was not properly planning. I wrote down a list of goals, but I had no action plan of how I was going to get there. Don't get me wrong, 2016 was still a pretty successful year, as I completed about 80% of what I had set out to do. However, I got there through many sleepless nights and way more stress than I needed. This year, I was much more strategic and my 2017, was one for the record books.

For starters, I launched this blog. I've had the idea for this blog and owned the domain since February 2016. For 14 months I let fear, procrastination and excuses cause me to sit on my idea. However,  what I did differently in 2017, was that I made thebisforboss all my passwords. (I changed them now, so don't try to break into my bank okay? lol) But seriously, I wanted to remind myself everyday about the plans I had made. I wanted to remind myself everyday that I could do anything I put my mind to.

Instead of dreaming and then creating excuses as to why I couldn't reach said dreams, I made plans.  I wrote them down -- and not just as my passwords. I made a planner and I created timelines to stick to. I created excel sheets for my financial goals, I created mood boards for my blog, and a vision board that captured my travel desires, and my goals for my . 9-5. 

What happened next, I could have never predicted. The four main things that I wrote out and reflected on my vision board was: get promoted, make six figures, launch my blog, and pay off my Invisalign and credit card debt (over $12,000 combined).

Within six months of 2017, I had paid off my Invisalign, I launched my blog and received over 5,000 views on my launch video, all while hitting and then exceeding my salary goals. In Q1 of 2017,  I had my best quarter at work. I  got a bonus in Q1, promoted in Q2 and by Q4 I was accepting another role, making even more money. I doubled the salary goals I had set for myself and then I was able to add to it by turning my blog into another stream of income.

Talk about turning can'ts into cans and dreams into plans. I don't say any of this to brag, only to point out the power of planning. But that is only one part ...keep reading. 


Think of your goals in terms of LIMITLESS possibilities

If you have ever read You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero or Girl Code: Unlocking Secrets to Success: by Cara Alwill Leyba, then you are familiar with limitless thinking/beliefs. 

If you haven't heard of either of those, then you have likely heard of "The Secret" . All three are based off similar principles but to be completely honest, that type of thinking always seemed like Harry Potter talk, and BS to me. Like what do you mean I can "manifest" my life.

However, it wasn't until I read those two books by Jen and Cara that the power of limitless thinking was put in lamen terms, boss b*tch style for me -- that I was able to wrap my head around the power of manifesting and believing that the world is limitless. We can do anything and have anything we set our mind to. Now, don't get me wrong it takes hard work, timing, and dedication. But you can't pursue something if you don't first believe it's actually possible. I meet and hear so many women talk about "I want to do X but it's just not in the cards for me" or "I wish I could do Y but I'm not [insert some self deprecating excuse]." 

Both these books helped kick me in the @$$ and helped me stop thinking and talking that way. I washed away self doubt and started to lean into my fears. Every time I made moves to get more, it happened effortlessly. Why? Well, because there is truly enough resources in the world for EVERY one who opens their mind and heart to see it. When your faith and belief is lifted higher, then the possibilities become more tangible.

I begin speaking things into existence, every single day and they started happening.  I started thinking in terms of having plenty instead of lack. I invested in myself -- I dressed for the job I didn't have yet, I hired an intern for my blog when I only had 500 followers, I started envisioning me making the final payment on things that felt like I would never stop paying on. 

If you're like what in the world is she talking about? I would suggest checking out those two books which really help catapult my thinking. I mean seriously -- a man landed on the moon, so why is it so crazy to believe in yourself?


Be Stubborn with your Goals but Flexible with Your Methods

 I made more strategic moves in 2017 instead of moving on impulse. I learned what I needed to learn according to the season I was in. It takes time to develop worthwhile goals, too often people's goals center around objects -- and these rarely last. And if they do last, they  achieve them and move on without adjusting.

When I set out to launch my blog, that was all I had set out to do. LAUNCH by June 2016. I gave myself a goal and I gave it a timeline. So I already felt I was headed in the right direction. However, I didn't settle. I remained nimble and steadfast in making this a success. Within six months, I had brought on an intern, wrote an ebook, and rebranded. When 2017 started, I couldn't have predicted that. But I didn't sit on my hands once I realized people were responding positively and wanted more. I invested in a small business coach and started spending hours each week to make sure I was delivering content, products and services to the best of my abilities. 

My blog wasn't the only time I was flexible with my goals. I was also flexible in my career. The only goal I had set out for in 2017 was to be promoted, so once that happened I had planned on riding into the sunset with my new title. However, God had different plans when i was approached by a global agency to work on different sports accounts. So guess what I did? I dusted off my resume and got moving. It was tough, because I loved that job, but I knew I had to set new career goals and couldn't sit because I had achieved the one goal I had set out to. 

You should always have multiple goals to pursue at any given time, but you shouldn’t be afraid to change them if you think that's what they need. It makes sense that our purpose changes in accord with our maturity. The more we learn about the world around us -- and the world inside us, for that matter -- the more our beliefs change.

But we shouldn’t be TOO eager to give up on what matters most. To a certain extent, you need to be stubborn. People will try to change your mind. If you dream big enough and your goals are worth achieving, people will get jealous and call you unrealistic, overly hopeful and bound for failure. That’s the way it is.

But you need to remain stubborn. And, weirdly, the most important part of standing your ground is this: You need to be flexible about how you'll go about achieving your goals.

Because if you can be stubborn with your goals and flexible with your methods, you can do anything.


Eliminate Toxic People/Things

In 2017, I deleted the contacts that were not serving me. I became more involved in learning about myself, and who I needed to become successful.

Whether it's your in-laws complaining about your cooking/cleaning, your boss being an angry cynic, or a friend being a pessimistic downer, dealing with toxic people can be unavoidable. But the way you respond to toxic people and how long you allow them to effect you is a choice.

In order to be successful, you need a clear and positive headspace. You can't focus on a business plan or a weight loss goal if you're still reeling from the slugs your mother-in-law through at the dinner table two weeks ago. You can't build a business if you're best friend is knocking down every idea you pitch to them. 

Whether you’re dealing with a master manipulator or the office gossip, toxic people can stir up strong emotions. If you’re not careful, the stress and frustration can easily consume you.

In 2018, seek Good Vibes Only. 


I want to help you crush your goals for 2018.

Below are three tips but I'm also hosting a webinar on 12.28.17 on "How To Conquer Your Year" Sign up here.

Start with these, and see a greater percentage of your goals completed in 2018.

1. Plan

2. Be Consistent

3. Don't Change the Goal, Change the Method.

If you're interested in more ways to reach your 2017 goals, you can also check out our Conquer Your Year ebook on sale for $8.99, it is sure to get you on the right path to conquering your New Year.