Do you want to switch careers, but don't know how? Do you have a product or business idea that you have been sitting on for months? Maybe it's a podcast, a blog, or a youtube channel but you haven't put the work into getting it up and running. Perhaps you are an expert in your field, but don't know how to use that knowledge to become an influencer. There is probably a million reasons why you think you are stuck, but the most common one I've run into while talking to friends, mentoring my mentees, and working with my boss lady clients, is FOCUS. Most people KNOW what they want, but they lack the FOCUS to achieve it.

Every GREAT accomplishment in life starts with focus. Whether it’s a fitness or career goal, a business idea or a charitable venture, you have to first focus in order to execute.

Very few people think beyond the immediate moment and that's alright; they don't have to. But the results that they get will be consistent with that type of thinking. If you're the type of person that wants different results than what most people get, then you have to think long-term.

In order to crush your goals, we must all learn to focus on the most important tasks that will have the greatest impact on achieving our happiness and goals in life. Search for what drives and motivates you. It'll probably be different than what motivates those in your circle of friends, family, colleagues. They probably won't understand how you can be so motivated by your ideas and many may even attempt to discourage you because they can't see themselves accomplishing what you desire. That's fine. It's actually the first test to see if you're serious. If your goal motivates YOU, then hold on to that. After all, YOU'RE the one that's going to have to do the work to reach it.

Since your goal is far away, you have a lot of thinking to do; a lot of questioning; a lot of planning; a lot of preparation. Many times, we will look at people ten years into their career, or bloggers and influencers, and think that he or she is lucky making money posting products and building their brand. That person did not see the years of struggle that they  had to go through to eventually be worth millions in the marketplace. All of that is UNSEEN to the public, but they know quite well about the struggles that were necessary along the way.

How did this influencer get a million followers? How did this woman become an expert in her field? How does this girl boss balance a 9-5, plus a side hustle, her workouts, her social life, and traveling? My guess is by FOCUSING on her long-term goals. So while your daydreaming, she is focused on crushing her next goal.  

The inability to stay focused on a goal is a major reason why so many never realize their dreams. Throughout your life, you've most likely heard the phrases, "Follow your dreams," or "You can become anything you want in your life." So why do so many people NOT become what they want in their lives? Are these just things that you SAY?

The answer is NO! They are all very true. You just have to stay FOCUSED on your end result. If you can do so, you'll make these cliches your reality. 

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