We are officially less than 48 hours away from 2018, which means it's almost time to turn the page on the past year. But before we wind down and reflect on the successes, heartbreaks, triumphs and failed resolutions, I wanted take a look back at all the lessons some of our fav Boss Babes taught us is this year. From Issa Rae, to Cardi B, this was definitely the year of the FEMALE (as is every year)! 

From watching women find their voice and come together to take down some famous creeps in Hollywood, to the glorious ascend of Cardi B,  2017 saw a lot of fierce women redefining the "B" word.



LESSON #1: Rihanna taught us an old aged adage -- It’s not about who does it first. It’s about who does it BEST. 

With billions of makeup products and lines,  like Kylie's Lip kit, Kim Kardashian's contour pallets, to  Maybeline, CoverGirl, MAC and the list goes on. It appeared that the makeup industry was crowded. However, in true Rih Rih fashion, she combined her edginess and down to earth REALNESS to serve us a billion dollar makeup line, because she found a niche and made it her own, all while meeting a specific need (a variety of shades when it comes to makeup ---thanks Rih!). So next time you're doubting that business idea because the next girl is doing it, remember... what would Rihanna do? Don't let "crowded" spaces keep you from shining bright! You are YOUnique, that is your gift to the world.

Women's march.jpg


Lesson#2: When women come together with a collective intention -- it is a powerful thing.

The Women's March was a worldwide protest on January 21, 2017, to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women's rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, reproductive rights, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers' rights. Most of the rallies were aimed at Donald Trump, immediately following his inauguration largely due to statements that he had made and positions that he had taken during his campaign. It was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history

While we are still a long way from where we need to be, I felt hope on that day. I felt powerful. I felt the power of the #BOSSTRIBE truly come together. And like Madonna said...

"The revolution starts here...It is the beginning of much-needed change," but, "change that will require sacrifice, people, change that will require many of us to make different choices in our lives. But this is the hallmark of revolution. So my question to you today is, are you ready?"



Lesson #3: "It's not about networking up, it's about networking across"

This year, the above clip of Issa Rae went viral and for good reason. So many of us have huge dreams of working with the Oprahs, Beyonces and Mark Zuckerbergs of our industries and we are ignoring the people  right next to us. The people that are grinding just as hard as we are, that can help us. Look for collaboration, not a hand out when you're trying to build you career, business, or brand. Chances are the person that's within reach is not only accessible but happy to help in work together. There is so much power in networking across. 

Below is a snippet, but I'd recommend watching the full clip above:

"We have a tendency to try to.. network up and it really is about networking across -- like who's next to you? who's struggling with you? who's in the trenches with you?who's just as hungry as you are? Those are the people that you need to build with..." - Issa Rae




Lesson #4: The reward for HARD WORK...is more work.

Ashley Graham is all about style AND substance: a supermodel turning heads as a role model.

She made history in 2016 as the first "plus-size" model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. In her 2017  memoir, “A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like” the supermodel talked about how being a Sports Illustrated cover girl was unreal. “[It proved that] anything you want can happen...[it] means that size diversity is here, and it’s real" and it’s not a trend.

However, in 2017 and beyond, Ashley has been on a mission to put a new twist on the term plus-size and encourage people to not put all curvy women in one limiting category. “I think that when you use the word ‘plus-size,’ you’re putting all these women in a category: ‘You don’t eat well.’ ‘You don’t work out.’ ‘You could care less about your body.’ ‘You’re insecure.’ ‘You have no confidence...and that is not [me]...I'm having a moment, but I've been having a moment a little while right now, and I'm so thankful for it. Not only are you seeing women who have my body shape, who are bigger, who are smaller, whatever; you see the industry changing right before your eyes. 

"You can have an 'it' moment, but you have to know how to continue to move this movement into something that's bigger than yourself."


Lesson #5: It's not about how you start, it's about how you finish...

 (..and it's ALSO about SECURING THE BAG!)

After having foot surgery in January with plans to return to the tour in summer, Stephens was granted the opportunity to be a broadcaster for Tennis Channel. She was featured as an off-court personality, showing activities around the grounds and conducting player interviews in Indian Wells, Miami, and Charleston.  Stephens started her comeback at Wimbledon, but fell in the first round to Alison Riske and again in the first round in her next tournament at the Citi Open.

Entering the US Open with a protected ranking, Stephens defeated three different opponents before advancing to the semi-final, where she defeated Venus Williams in three sets, reaching her first final in a Grand Slam tournament.She then beat Madison Keys in the final for her first Grand Slam title. 

Above is my fav clip of Sloane Stephens after a reporter asked her how she felt about the money and continuing to play tennis after she won.

This last section is for the newcomers in 2017 or what I liked to call the "Rookies of the Year". It happens every year-- an unexpected celebrity, influencer, or athlete has a breakout year -- the world never sees it coming. These are the stories and lessons we live for. These people feel REAL to us. And this year, we saw TWO that caught our attention. These ladies should remind you that next year could be YOUR breakout year, so always give it ALL you got. I present to you, #THEBISFORBOSS 2017 ROOKIES OF THE YEAR. 




Cardi B's personality is as undeniably big as it is controversial. With so many people having mixed feelings about this stripper turned reality star, turned record breaking female rapper, there is one thing that is undeniable -- She's as REAL as it gets.  She's not biting her tongue and she's not taking no sh*t. And there's something you can't deny about someone that is unapologetically themselves.

The other thing you can't deny, is that when you hear "BODAK YELLOW" you can't help but bob your head and mouth "I ain't gotta dance, I make money moves..." and whether your love it or hate it -- this underdog definitely finished off 2017 on top. From an engagement to her famous fiancé, Off-set to beating out Taylor Swift's record on the Billboard 100 story, this unlikely hero made her way onto every chart, blog, and national tv segment and is ending the year with countless awards, a ring on her finger, red bottoms on her feet and coins in her accounts.

You go Cardi B! Let's all make 2018 our Cardi Year. 

Tiffany Haddish.jpg


Lesson#7: Hustle everyday like you're homeless -- your pay day will come.

Tiffany Haddish has had a hell of a year after starring in “Girls Trip” and becoming the first black female comic to host “Saturday Night Live.” But none of that would have been possible without the lessons her childhood bullies and being homeless in her thirties while pursuing comedy and not breaking out until she was almost 40 taught her (and us).  

When talking about her slow rise to fame, Haddish stated "I’m so happy I’ve been accepted finally after all these years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears,” the Girls Trip breakout star said she feels “like a foster kid who’s been in the foster system for a long time and they turn 16 and somebody adopted them and said you can go to college, you don’t gotta pay for student loans or nothing..."It’s what I’ve been working for for 19 years now,” she said. “Just really been putting in all this work and the fruits of my labor are really starting to show.”

She even had time to write a book this year, to continue her rise to fame. We can't wait to dive into Tiffany's first book, The Last Black Unicorn and uncover more lessons from this rookie who is equally—humble, grateful, down-to-earth, and funny as hell.

So next time you're feeling like you are "BEHIND" in life and everyone is reaching success before you, keep hustlin like your homeless. Because whether you are 22 or 42, if you put in the work, the payoff will come.