In our first edition of "Tea with my B's" we wanted to take the opportunity to answer your burning career, branding, and business questions. Remember to submit your questions each week to have them answered!  Enjoy #BossTribe. 

Q: What are your tips on transitioning to a new job?

Great question!  I received this question a lot after my latest post about how leaving your dream job is never easy.  If you haven't read it, you should. It talks in great length about that struggle with leaving a job, and moving on from old dreams to pursue new ones. However, now that the leaving part is behind me, the next step is transitioning into my new role. 

Obviously when transitioning to a new job, you have to give yourself about a 90 day learning curve, I'd double that if this is your first job out of college. However, whether you are a new grad or a seasoned professional, there are five things that I always look to do at any new job I have started. 

  1. Be punctual. -- pretty self explanatory, but timeliness to meetings and the work day shows your new boss and colleagues that you respect their time and are excited to contribute.
  2. Ask lots of questions -- People often don't do this for fear of feeling dumb. However, this is the time now more than ever to ask those questions without any judgement.
  3. Learn the organization and the resources at your disposal. -- Every job comes with it's own set of rules, politics, and resources. Focus on the ins and outs of your new org. This includes learning your around the office, to learning who are your allies, and where the printers are and what groups/internal teams they may have that can either provide you with a mentor or simply a small group of colleagues to meet with outside of your everyday team.  
  4. Build relationships with your colleagues (on your team and around the company) -- This latter back up to the point I was making above. It's good to establish trust and build relationships in the first 3-6 months on a job. This will set the tone of the rest of your time at that company. 
  5. Develop a strong working relationship with your manager --  By establishing goals in your first week, and check-in on them at 30, 60, and 90 days. With each one having a different goal. The meeting in your first week should be to discuss your roles and responsibilities and their expectations for you. The latter meetings should discuss everything from areas of development, challenges you are facing, to preferred working styles for optimal performance.

I'm putting this on my calendar to address in a full length blog, but these are my top four tips.

Q: What books are you currently reading?

I try to read one book every month, but life happens and sometimes I get behind. I actually have about 50 pages left in this book I'm reading, but I plan to finish it up this weekend so I'm not too far behind. The book I'm currently reading was recommended by my old roommate and it's called "Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After"! Now I am in no way trying to quit my day job, however I am starting my own business and trying to live Happily Ever After. I personally prefer the employedpreneur life, but this book was the swift kick in the @$$ that I needed to finish the year of strong. Without giving too much away, this book, is a very cool inspirational book on going after what you want in work, life and love. It's a quick read that offers a refreshing perspective on taking the leap to follow your passions in life. Recommend this to anyone considering disrupting their life.

The second book that I'm reading (well really working through) is The Profit Planner by my coach Emmelie De La Cruz! If you're not following her, you should be! She's the self described version of Cardi B, if she went to College. It's full of in your face guidance about how to turn your business into a profitable business venture. This coupled with Do Cool Sh*t has really been helping me focus on my goals and help make sure I'm setting myself up for success in 2018. 


Q: How does one network meaningfully and genuinely?

Networking is one of the most valuable tools you can have to boost your career and business. However, so many do it wrong, and end up wasting their time and the person's time they are trying to network with. I follow four basic principles to make the most of my networking. 

  1. Approach networking like you would a friendship/relationship
  2. Respect the other person's time as you’d like them to respect yours
  3. Focus on networking opportunities that will add value to your life -- don't go to networking events for the sake of going. I did this a lot early on in my career, handing out my business card to anyone who would take it. That got me nowhere. It wasn't until I started going to people WITHOUT an end goal, persay that I was free to make deeper connections without feeling like a salesman. Which brings me to my last point. 
  4. Be well-rounded. don't only be a giver and don't only be a taker. Like any relationship, the best approach to networking is to both offer and accept help. View it like you would a friendship; both parties benefit most when there is a balance of give and take.

That's all #BOSSTRIBE. Send us in more questions next week. Don't forget to submit here.


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