I've been on quite an affirmation kick this month. I think it's partially because of the New Year but also because I've truly had so much going on, that I have had to depend on the power of a healthy mind now more than ever to stay encouraged, focused, and filled with energy.

The other day I shared with you how I reached my goals last year, so this morning, I felt empowered to share with you 10 of my favorite morning mantras to help you slay the day.

Here are the affirmations I use each morning to get up with a sense of gratitude, inner-peace, and serious ambition:

  1. I am so excited about what this day will bring and all the opportunities I am about to create

  2. I will not stress over things I can not control.

  3.  I will begin my day with clarity, confidence, and faith

  4. I feel healthy, sexy, strong, and beautiful in my body

  5.  I get to choose the woman I want to be today

  6.  I feel grounded and centered today

  7. Today I will give love and spread positivity to those around me. I get to make people's lives a little better

  8. I always make the best decisions and I trust my gut because she knows what's up!

  9. I am always guided and I know that what is for me will not pass me

  10. Today I wake up filled with gratitude and light. Today is about to be the best day of my life

I hope you ladies have a powerful day. Please feel free to use these affirmations or even better - create your own!

Your mind is your best asset. Use her wisely ;)

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