Have you ever abandoned a goal you made for yourself? Whether it was a goal for the new year, for the quarter, or the start of a me, you’re not alone. It’s common to get blasted with work, projects, or responsibilities you didn’t plan for when making your goals.  If you’re struggling to stay the course, don’t abandon all hope and give up just yet.

Long-term goals require an investment that often don't pay noticeable dividends for weeks or months. Just as your 401K takes time to achieve the desired results, so does many of the goals you set for yourself. However, there is power in resetting and refocusing. So don't be ashamed if you fail, or if you're like me and just need a break. Let me explain... Four months ago, I launched this blog. The response was amazing. I was excited at how well it was received. I couldn't believe I had finally accomplished a goal, I had set out for myself over a year ago and was starting to see the fruits of my labor. However, I had the game all messed up! I was unaware of the amount of time, dedication, planning, and organization maintaining a blog and developing a second stream of income would require. I was getting inquiries about my services, people were booking consulting sessions, and purchasing resume reviews and  and then of course, the dreaded favors/freebie requests poured in from friends and family. I was doing my best to keep up but realized quickly, this would not be an easy task between work, working out, spending time with my family/friends/boyfriend, side hustle, repeat.

After going on a much needed vacation for my birthday back in August, I thought I had pressed the necessary reset buttons, to get refocused and hit the ground running. Boy was I wrong! When I retuned back to my 9-5 (read: 9-7), I was swamped with the start of the NFL season.  I came back to a couple of PR crisis', a client revamp and then to add to my load, President Trump called all on the NFL to fire all NFL players who kneeled, right before he called them S-O-B's. I won't even get into my thoughts on that whole fiasco right now, but unless you have been living a rock, that caused a huge media swirl. Since all of my clients are NFL Sponsors, I was in full crisis communications mode -- which has hit its own peaks and valleys -- but hasn't stopped and doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Then, I had a work trip to Cincinnati, followed by a personal trip to LA. Once I returned, I was full swing back to work along with serving on the board of a non-profit, called which is piloting some programs this Fall. Finally, I had an unexpected opportunity come my way that I have been working on, that I'll be able to announce in a couple weeks, so stay tuned!

Needless to say, life came at me fast and I looked up and had taken a two month hiatus from blogging. And while I'm not proud of falling off in that regard, I know that it was needed andit was necessary. It allowed me the opportunity to make some changes, look inward and remember why I started, and most of all, make me better -- so I could better serve my community of boss women. I've made some changes and I'm still a work in progress, but I have officially hit the reset button and I'm ready for the challenge. I've put some systems in place to make me more effective, I'm structuring my day more efficiently and I'm currently looking for an intern and assistant.

Now back to the topic at hand...I'm here to tell you that we all fall short sometimes. But instead of getting down on yourself, go ahead:


RE-focus, RE-set, RE-new, RE-juvenate, RE-launch, RE-brand, and RE-do as many times as you need to.


Proper Perspective and Purpose
It takes a certain degree of perspective and purpose to succeed on any journey. Just think of the word “journey”. It implies traveling along an arduous path toward a worthy outcome. Most people are looking for something easier and quicker than that, and this is precisely why they fail to reach their goals.

A goal that isn’t attached to something deep and personal within you is a dead end.Make sure you’ve measured what’s at stake if you don’t accomplish your goal and what’s the benefit if you do. 

A goal that’s worth the effort will take months or even years to achieve. If you think it’s going to happen overnight, you’ll be sorely disappointed. In fact, you will hit many bumps in the road. You will have to refocus, you will have to reset, you will have to redo.

But, examine what you’ve set out to attain and why you chose it. Take aim at the target, remain steadfast in your pursuit, and accomplish it. You can do it. I believe in you! I believe in us.

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