Everyone struggles with motivation at some point in their career. As a side hustler and employedpreneur, working in the Sports and PR industry where I constantly need to be on point, while trying to maintain my side hustle,  I am certainly not immune to these rough patches in motivation. Thanks to #TheBisForBoss, I have surrounded myself with a diverse group of women who have taught me a few tips on keeping motivated. Follow these next 6 tips to help you stay the course and achieve your goals.

Goal Specificity

As I have witnessed throughout my career and in life, people who develop specific, personally meaningful goals have a better chance of achieving them.  The most common reason people fail to achieve success is because they establish goals that are not specific enough and do not have a meaningful impact on their life. Announcing that you’re finally starting your blog, business, or non-profit isn’t specific enough. Sending a social media post out announcing it's arrival doesn’t cut it either.  If you’ve done a competitor analysis for your new business idea, bought the domain for the project you have wanted to launch, or updated your resume to apply for that job, it makes me happy to see you taking one step closer to achieving your goals. Now take the next step to make the most of your time and effort.

What I suggest are real quantifiable goals. Great examples are: apply to ten jobs a month, attend two networking events in the industry I want to work in by December, launch my product or service in four months, etc. 

Finally, don’t make your goals too lofty. Make sure your new goal is realistic and can be measured incrementally. That way as you are making progress, you’re more apt to stay motivated and be proud of your accomplishments.

Make it a Priority

Treat your goals like an important errand. Make working towards your goals part of your daily routine. As someone who works a time intensive job, that requires me to be "always on" for clients,  I have a very busy schedule that fluctuates daily. I'm a night owl (a habit I'm currently trying to break-- as I sit up writing this post at 2a.m.) And when I have a 12 hour day ahead of me with clients, I have to schedule my own side hustle sessions in the evenings or on weekends. That way, I can focus on my own goals, so that I have a clear head the next day when I go to work. Additionally, it's easy for me to prioritize working on my blog, because working on my passions fuels me. It serves as an opportunity for me to unwind from Corporate America, so that the next day I am refreshed and can focus on my 9-5 work client’s needs and deliver a better service.  

If you can consistently remember to watch your favorite TV shows or scroll your favorite Instagram feeds daily, you can make time to work towards your own goals!

Perspective + Purpose

It takes a certain degree of perspective to succeed on your career journey. Just think of the word “journey”. It implies traveling along an arduous path toward a worthy outcome. Most people are looking for something easier and quicker than that, and this is precisely why they fail to reach their goals. Consider your current goal. Is it meaningful or is it a cliché that you’ve used before like “this year I’m finding a new job” or "this year I'm quitting my 9-5 to become an entrepreneur full time". Are they your goals or ones you’ve heard other people say that sounded good to you? A goal that isn’t attached to something deep and personal within you is a dead end.

Make sure you’ve measured what’s at stake if you don’t accomplish your goal and what’s the benefit if you do. This will help you have more to focus on. An example of this would be: If I launch my blog or new business idea this year, I'll create another stream of income and ease some financial burdens I've been having.  If you created that imaginary stream of income, could you accomplish more daily? Would this help you fulfill your purpose and make you better at everything else you do? That’s the seriousness of which I’d like to see you view your goals and career.

Track your Progress

Tracking your progression is important! Keeping a log will allow you to see how far you’ve come. It can also keep you accountable by providing you a reason to complete a step towards your goal, knowing that you can write it in your log afterwards. I'm very much a checklist person, so I thrive off of creating to-do lists and checking them off. One thing to note: progression is not always linear day-to-day. However, over time, you’ll be able to see that even with a few bad days, your overall development is going forward.

I personally aim to log all my goals: financial, personal, work, spiritual, and gym goals. While it’s not required to be as regimented as me, I strongly suggest a goal log. Seeing the evolution of me achieving  different goals has allowed me to find both comfort and motivation during rough patches. Before each month, I can look back into my log and find confidence in how much I’ve endured, or during a time of no inspiration I can look back and see times I’ve overcome obstacles. Discovering a way to find pride in your progress can be a large motivator, so give it a shot.

Find inspiration, every day

Feeling inspired is a great way to stay the course and achieve your goals. Inspiration can be found everywhere. From quotes to YouTube videos, people you meet, blogs, friends and family, nature and the list goes on. Seek motivation each day and allow it drive you towards your goal.

I personally like quotes, which is why incorporate so many on #TheBisForBoss social pages. I also like watching motivational videos, reading devotion each morning and simply being silent/people watching to absorb the world around me. 

So often, the inspiration from my posts comes from the people around me. Whether it's something someone posted, conversations I have with my friends, colleagues, or readers, you name it. Find what inspires you and use that to spark your magic each and every day towards your goals.

Expectation Management

We all have expectations in our lives: what we want out of life and who we want to become. I believe one of the keys to staying the course lies within the management of your expectations and your circumstances.  A goal that’s worth the effort will take months or even years to achieve. Unrealistic expectations will, can, and most often do lead to disappointment. Too many people are obsessed with finding the perfect career or the becoming an influencer overnight, and as a result become increasingly frustrated when this does not pan out. When you become frustrated with where you are at on a goal, it's easy to abandon a goal. If you were realistic in the first place, you could find joy in launching, or drafting your resume and updating your Linkedin for that next job. Because you would understand that you are one step closer to being that full-time entrepreneur or new executive at a different company.  

Whatever you do, take a step towards your goals everyday. And if you fall off a day or two, or ten... remain steadfast in your pursuit to accomplish it. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Beyonce!

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